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We empower healthcare facilities to better understand their biologic spend while removing layers of cost and inefficiency.

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What We Do

Evaluating, purchasing and managing biologics is inefficient and fragmented which results in overspending. Currently, our focus is on supplying biologic implants and regenerative products for orthopedics, wound and general surgery through analyticusing our proprietary Marketplace Platform.

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Our model is saving clients up to 70% through analytics, efficiency and transparent pricing.


Align the market by streamlining the supply chain, directly connect the buyer to the supply.


Transform the healthcare facilities’ view from product cost containment to driving operational profitability.


Empower healthcare facilities to improve their cost patterns and help them identify overspending or unnecessary purchases.

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Who We Work With

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Manufacturers & Suppliers
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Our Story

Our goal was to build a platform that would help our clients buy products at the lowest cost possible. We have been hard at work for more than two years, building out our platform and categorization methodology.  We validated that our model is providing transparency in a market that is often confusing.  We are allowing our clients to optimize their investments into the products that their surgeons use every day.
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